Friday, April 22, 2016


Who loves Pandora? Raise your hands! Who doesn't have enough moolah to blow on charms that cost about a few days worth of groceries each? Raise your hands! 
If you raised your hands to both questions, you're gonna love this.

Backstory: I got my first ever Pandora charm and bracelet from my mom when my family visited the States two summers ago. She got me the black leather bracelet and the yin yang charm made of sterling silver and enamel. The second charm I got was a sterling silver cupcake, gifted to me by one of my Aunts. 

When I like something, I can get a bit obsessive, and so the struggle has been real, staying away from online shops selling more of these little treasures. It's tempting, but when it comes down to it, if I'm going to spend my own hard earned cash on jewelry, it HAS to be real gold. I refuse to spend an arm and a leg on just sterling silver. And then comes Handmade Strozzi!
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If you know me enough, you'll know I have a thing for pineapples. I loooove pineapples. And I'm not talking about eating the actual fruit (although that's good too, especially with bagoong. haha), but I loooove pineapple-shaped things. Keychains, jars, whatever. So last Christmas, my not so little sister got me a pineapple charm for my Pandora! I thought it was the cutest thing ever! And she bought it from Handmade Strozzi!

Handmade Strozzi is owned by Cebuana artist, Strozzi Rosende. Her brand was born in 2008, and she has since been selling online on Etsy, and Facebook as well. For us lucky Cebuanas, you can catch Handmade Strozzi at local bazaars as well! Strozzi comes from a family of jewelry makers and designers who have been in the industry for three decades. She works with a variety of materials including semi-precious stones and metals such as brass, stainless steel, and of course, sterling silver! She also does customized orders and can even make pieces in white or yellow gold.
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I was stoked to see Handmade Strozzi at the recent Pop District Summer Bazaar held last April 15-16 at the Oakridge Pavilion in Mandaue, Cebu. As it turns out, they have so much more than just charms! There's a special feeling and a certain pride when you know you're wearing something handmade with love and passion, even more so when you know it's locally produced. I am all for supporting Cebuano artisans and entrepreneurs!

Handmade Strozzi's prices are right on point as well. Considering that each piece is carefully handcrafted using high quality materials, PHP 320-PHP 580 per charm is such a steal! Keep in mind that these pieces are not massed produced, and the intricate artistry and love that goes into each piece is something I feel is just priceless.

My loot: Star and Ball Charms in sterling silver and my birthstone, opal!

Check out Handmade Strozzi here:

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